REVIEW: Sierra Ferrell – Long Time Coming (2021)

Released on Rounder Records in 2021, Long Time Coming is the third full-length album by Nasheville, Tennessee-based Sierra Ferrell. The musicianship is impressive, but can’t get me far enough away from this nagging lack of interest. The songs, their compositions and performances are very pretty, but lack conviction or something to really grab hold of.

It general, Long Time Coming is a grab bag of American busker stylings put to a full band and sung real pretty. There isn’t much else to say. It’s too straight forward to be cheesy, too mundane to be interesting.

Entering the latter half of Long Time Coming, a new infusion of calypso instrumentation breaks from the album’s previously established Ragtime Americana. But by the end, Ferrell changes directions again for a sound more ‘Country’- whatever that means to you, the reader. Pedal steel comes blubbering in like it’s holding back a tear on tenth track In Dreams, then dips out before two final schmaltzy tunes.

It’s for someone, probably, but there isn’t much to sink one’s teeth into.

For fans of: Nick Shoulders, Albanie Falletta, Rosali

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