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REVIEW: SlapClapS – Screams From The Darkness

No ‘1950s tough-guy’ cosplay here, Russian Psychobilly duo SlapClapS’s 2019 release Screams From The Darkness is a return to the gothic Punk origins of the Psychobilly genre. Opening track Pimple of Lust (gross!) roars out of the starting gate like a bat out of hell. Snares shuffle with such speed and punch that it feels… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Catcher – Yesterday’s Favorite / The Skin (Uninformed Versions) (2021)

Catcher’s brooding melodies and pummeling rhythms constitute a sound reminiscent of early 2000s Post-Punk revivalism. It’s the revival of a revival sound, held back only by an unwillingness to move forward. Any artistic experimentation or intrigue associated with the original wave of Post-Punk have been overridden by the contemporary fixation on the semblance of prior… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Unseeing – Funeral for A Friend (2021)

Funeral for A Friend is the 2021 EP release by Belarusian Dark Ambient and Doom Jazz project Unseeing. Funeral for A Friend is an incredibly dreary and visceral album, “[a] story to tell in the dark” as described on the album’s Bandcamp page. Not for the squeamish, Funeral for A Friend’s opening track My Suicide… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Millicent Waffles – Nokturnus: Excession (2015)

Hailing from Ohio, Millicent Waffle’s Nokturnus: Excession is an exhaustive drag through an unfulfilled concept. Excession, the second installment in the Nokturnus trilogy, is described by the artists as “[exploring] the eclectic and often nightmarish life of the peasants who walked among the mice as giants” and as an album “loosely based off of the… Continue Reading →

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