About Resident Sound

Resident Sound is committed to covering cultural works of all sizes with the aim of enriching the cultural landscape and influencing how we as consumers and artists interact with it.

Established in 2021, Resident Sound is the long pondered idea of Lubert Das, the obvious pseudonym of a blogger formerly known as 10th Dentist. We hope to expand in the future, but right now will remain the core team of Lubert Das and an anonymous editor.

Lubert Das

A writer, musician, and dedicated culture connoisseur since early childhood, Das’s goal is to help you help yourself appreciate what culture has to offer, while occasionally touching on where it falls flat. Inspired by the works of Louis Theroux, Maggie Nelson, and Simon Reynolds, Lubert Das appreciates humorous honesty, ‘no-brow’ approach to art appreciation, and the universal whole of humanity we all contribute to.

In their free time, Lubert enjoys spooky real-life occurrences, cheering up coworkers, and Phil Hartman impressions.

Lubert Das

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