REVIEW: The Popular People’s Front – Klepto-Currency (2020)

Described in their Bandcamp bio as “a cut-n-paste endeavour chewing up the last 50 years of outsider club music,” Popular People’s Front are a UK DJ collective consisting of Bill Brewster, Leo Elstob and Christ Duckenfield.

Klepto-Currency is the avant disco beat tape you didn’t know you needed. The Popular People’s Front bring electronic dance music back to the days of Cold Cut and Bentley Rhythm Ace’s ambitious use of sampling.

This 5 song album lays on jam after jam, always lively enough to keep the party going while never stopping to question ‘should we be grooving this hard?’ Each track is packed to the brim with funk from its percussive layering to its thumping bass lines. Things stay just surreal enough to not quite sound like a live band, yet the album’s warmth and the organic nature to it’s structuring feel completely at home in a DJ set with Sly & The Family Stone and Trouble Funk.

Closing track Yard Werk breaks this faux live band feel with the digital sonic palette of Kraftwerk and Bentley Rhythm Ace. This electro send off of Klepto-Currency seems appropriate for an album so weird yet sonically consistent as to almost undermine it’s surrealist tendencies, just in case we get too comfortable with the preceding 20 minutes of tape.

Throw this on your wishlist, your playlist, your headphones or your PA. It’s time to get grooving.

For fans of: Dee-Lite, Cold Cut, Bentley Rhythm Ace

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