REVIEW: Slow Blink – Pangea (2021)

Pangea is the 2021 full-length single by Chattanooga, TN based artist Amanda Haswell under the alias Slow Blink. Self described as “tape loop weather patterns,” there’s never been a more appropriately titled release for such a monolithic work.

Originally performed at Electric Arcadia Festival IV in Sewanee, TN earlier this year, Pangea towers above all live deconstructed musical performances. Hearing Slow Blink embrace longer, more struggling work only fuels the richly saturated, meditative states which they craft so well.

Is it a dirge? A death knell? Pangea’s engulfing state feels beyond the funeral status of their Doom Metal contemporaries. This is grief! This is reckoning! And at times, we find ourselves adrift in a state of incomprehensible aura.

You could call it an emotional or spiritual truth. I call that good art.

For fans of: Chelsea Wolfe, Grouper, Susumu Yokota

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