REVIEW: Rhode & Brown – Joyride EP (2013)

The Joyride EP is a 2013 release by Munich based duo Rhode & Brown. Released on the prolific Toy Tonics label out of Berlin, it seems as if Joyride may rely more on its geographic association than sonic connection.

Under Your Spell is a cool and controlled 5 minute bop of near-sterile Deep House. It’s repetitive as one would expect and acts as a decent warm up to what could be a tight electric joint. But Under Your Spell’s following Kyodai Remix is noisier, clunkier. It’s a nice textural change, but does little in engaging the listener in the song’s chord progression. The choice to switch to a heavy-handed piano sound brings more attention to its repetitive nature, and contributes to a more disjointed element across the album.

Titular track Joyride starts off with a chopped and wailing vocal hook and massive kicks. It’s not bad, but this new found energy comes across a bit awkward after the Under Your Spell set.

Closing track Floating Figures shows the album’s return to its initial Deep House sterility: emotionally repressed, cool and collected.

The album itself is a half-mellow excursion into noncommittal electronic music. Joyride EP is Greatly lacking in Electronic’s rhythmic power over the body, a demand for the music to take control, an unconscious connection to groove.

For fans of: St. Germain, DJ Boring, Ross From Friends

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