REVIEW: Dream Affair – From Now On EP (2012)

Fast, lush, and flushed with attitude abuse. If there was a plug-in and play certified sound for today’s wave of Goth fan music, it would be all over this record.

Originally released on February 7th, 2012, From Now On is a let down. After having become acquainted with and enjoying the algorithm’s favorite track The Porter, From Now On’s opening half is a banal cosplay of Joy Division featuring Cold Wave drum machines and greater layering.

The Porter itself isn’t anything particularly new either, but that’s alright. The Porter shines through with cold, brooding Synth Pop vigor. This new found display of vitality may peak here, but is carried through till the end of the album 2 songs later. Closing track Jasper is a lush instrumental effort reminiscent of The Cure’s earliest work. Even then, Dream Affair never do seem to find anything of themselves on this album.

For fans of: Lust For Youth, Parade Ground, Joy Division

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