REVIEW: Hazy Sour Cherry – Tour De Tokyo (2019)

If the members of either Frankie Cosmos (US) or Hazy Sour Cherry (Japan) ever see this, for the love of god, go on tour together. Your audiences may just see the best show of their lives.

Hazy Sour Cherry wastes no time getting into its melancholic, somewhat beach-y style of indie rock. Drums, guitar, bass and vocals hit the listener with immediate clarity on opening track I Need Your Heart, putting the band’s song-writing skills front and center. But don’t be confused by Tour De Tokyo’s clarity and delicate guitar work, this record is raw. Occasional chimes and vocal backing only enhance the already well written songs’ emotional communication atop its very warm instrumentals.

The emotions are forefront, and it’s perfectly-raw engineering opens the runway to any potential listener, even those whose listening habits may be a little intense.

Tour De Tokyo is, in a lot of ways, the perfect album. The use of light melancholy works as a cohesive bond between each songs’ varying intensities and slight stylistic changes. So what am I saying? Well, Hazy Sour Cherry manages to break free of the monotonous uniformity that befall most indie, punk, and rock acts, which is incredibly refreshing and hopeful.

I regularly listen to this record from start to finish, and I recommend you give it a try.

For fans of: Big Eyes, Haircut 100, Ginny Arnell

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