REVIEW: Catcher – Yesterday’s Favorite / The Skin (Uninformed Versions) (2021)

Catcher’s brooding melodies and pummeling rhythms constitute a sound reminiscent of early 2000s Post-Punk revivalism. It’s the revival of a revival sound, held back only by an unwillingness to move forward. Any artistic experimentation or intrigue associated with the original wave of Post-Punk have been overridden by the contemporary fixation on the semblance of prior artistic movements.

As far as being a vehicle of emotional expression, I don’t think they could take the carpool lane. Both the vocals and instrumentation feel phoned in and prescriptive in nature. Yesterday’s Favorite and The Skin feel like songs written from the top down, rigid to fashionable tastes within an ever homogenized underground scene.

These are songs I’ve heard before, done better by the artists Catcher has attempted to emulate. Yesterday’s Favorite consists of equal parts Crime & The City Solution and …And You’ll Know Us By The Trail of The Dead, while The Skin is the same only with a double shot of Gun Club.

I wish them luck and hope they make lots of money.

For fans of: Bass Drum of Death, Swans, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of The Dead

Like Catcher? Give these a listen: Geisha Girls, Crime & The City Solution, Rule of Thirds

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