REVIEW: SlapClapS – Screams From The Darkness

No ‘1950s tough-guy’ cosplay here, Russian Psychobilly duo SlapClapS’s 2019 release Screams From The Darkness is a return to the gothic Punk origins of the Psychobilly genre.

Opening track Pimple of Lust (gross!) roars out of the starting gate like a bat out of hell. Snares shuffle with such speed and punch that it feels the track is on the edge of exploding. Guitar shimmies its way all over the fret board while standup bass chatters along at equally high speed.

Following tracks Point of No Return and Bubble turn up the degree of spookiness with a more Western guitar style typical of Psychobilly. The vocals are snotty in that kind of capital ‘P’ Punk way that when utilized well, which they are here, is both hostile and charming.

Screams From The Darkness is what you want a Psychobilly record to be, but rarely come across. SlapClapS avoid the overproduction and cheese of cosplay music to instead create focused, raw psycho rhythms and tunes. The songs are fast, fun, and non-ostentatious. This may be SlapClapS’ biggest distinction from their contemporaries, and what more could you want from Psychobilly?

Oh! I just got it. ‘slap’ / ‘clap’, like the sound of a standup bass. Nice.

For fans of: Koffin Kats, Horrorpops, The Hellfreaks

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