REVIEW: Weed & Dolphins – Islandkid Cassette (2017)

Sure, it came out on cassette, but it’s also part of the album’s name. Islandkid Cassette is the 2017 full length release by Belarusian Indie Rock and Alternative Hip-Hop outfit Weed & Dolphins. Filled with dreamy glazed-out guitar riffs and reverb-drenched drum machines, Islandkid Cassette shows a band developing their sound in a world of good vibes indie rock.

While there is nothing particularly profound about the album, Weed & Dolphins deliver a multitude of easy going tunes worthy of attention. It’s an early effort that makes me excited to see where Weed & Dolphins will go with their craft. They’ve certainly left many routes open to explore with Islandkid Cassette, and we’ve since seen maturity with their 2019 single High.

They’ve released a steady trickle of singles across the last year or so and where ever they go with their music they surely make it interesting, so be on the lookout for their work!

For fans of: Bass Drum of Death, Arctic Monkeys, Damaged Bug

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