REVIEW: Lyon Estates – Tutto o Niente (2008)

Lyon Estates, not to be confused by the pop punk group in England, were a hardcore band originating in 2007 in Bologna, Italy. Tutto O Niente (‘All or Nothing’) was released in 2008 on Here And Now! Records, a DIY label based in Padova. They would put out 2 EPs and 1 split EP before disbanding in 2014.

What’s great about non-anglophonic hardcore bands is getting to experience the language’s natural musicality. Frontman Claudio Quinzi’s vocals cheep like a bird yet hit like a sucker-punch in a street fight. Everything is full-throttle. Guitar and bass fly by. At their slowest, the drums sound like an engine about to take off. Most importantly, it didn’t meet the sonic conformity of anglophonic ‘punk’ and hardcore bands who hypocritically pride themselves on their self-perceived musical rebelliousness.

Tutto O Niente is a great album, and if you want to get into contemporary hardcore, start here.

For fans of: Rites of Spring, Reagan Youth, Youth Brigade

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If you enjoyed this and can also read Italian, check out this interview with frontman Claudio Quinzi on the band’s decision to split: Intervista ai Lyon Estates: l’ eccellenza del Punk/Hardcore

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